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APT Mold Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturing company located in Southern China. We specialize in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and low-volume manufacturing as well as mass production. Our many years of experience in manufacturing allow us to provide suggestions for DFM (Design For Manufacturability) as part of our quoting process. Our recommendations will help you optimize your design and reduce manufacturing costs.

CNC machining workshop

CNC Machining Workshop

CNC machining with surface finish

CNC Machining With Fine Surface Finish

The APT team includes experienced CNC machining technician also tooling and molding engineers, and manufacturing experts who are dedicated to pushing the manufacturing envelope. We often bring new processes and materials to our customers in order to allow them to prototype and launch new products sooner and more cost-effectively than previously. And should our customers require creative development and product design services, our team includes world-class Industrial Designers based in the USA.

EDM workshop

EDM Machining Workshop

Spark Etching

Spark Etching

We provide Precision CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Tooling Design and Fabrication, Plastic Injection Molding, Metal Stamping, Complete Part Finishing (including painting, plating, screen printing, etc.) Assembly services to help you turn your designs into reality quickly and accurately at a great price.

assembly workshop

Tooling and molds Assembly workshop

Tooling and molds for injection molding

Tooling and molds for injection molding

Please consider APT for all your custom prototype and on-demand production parts needs. Our agile quoting and manufacturing systems allow us to produce commercial-grade and high-precision metal and plastic parts within days. Our goal is to win your trust and become your go-to manufacturing partner to help you accelerate speed to market and strategically manage demand volatility across the entire product life cycle.

Injection molding workshop

Injection Molding Workshop

Injection molding factory

Automatic Injection Molding

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