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APT-Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


Office and Factory Address:

2A Zone Of The 3rd Building,

No. 54, Yanjiang Dongsi Road,

Torch Development Zone,

Zhongshan City,

Guangdong Province 528437

People’s Republic of China


Address in Chinese:

广东省 中山市 火炬开发区 沿江东四路54号3幢之二A区


Wilson Lin

Sales Engineer

Tel: +86 188 1424 6095



Carter Wu

Project Engineer

Tel: +86 137 2620 7290



    Please put all files into one folder and compress the folder into a ZIP or RAR file before uploading(Max 20MB).

    Please try to include the following information:
    3D Drawing | Material | Quantity | Color | 2D Drawings if available | Surface Finish

    APT Mold

    APT Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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