There are plenty of manufacturing techniques introduced over the last century, but among them, plastic injection molding seems to be a popular choice. However, since manufacturing is a multi-faceted process, you need to find out if plastic injection molding is right for you.

The internet is a treasure trove of information. While there is plenty of  information that can help you decide whether plastic injection molding is right for you, there is also plenty of misinformation swirling about the industry. Here are some of the common myths you probably have heard about plastic injection molding.

  • It will only work for long production runs

Contrary to popular belief that plastic injection molding is only good for high-volume production runs, it can apply to producing parts of any quantity. It can also be used in producing prototypes in one cycle.

  • This manufacturing process is too expensive

Another common myth about plastic injection molding is its high cost. We beg to differ as the cost for producing a part using this technology is not always high. In plastic injection molding, the steel tool molds take time to make, which racks up the cost.

However, there are new technologies to choose from in creating the molds for short term applications. You can use 3D printing or CNC machining and other materials that can lower the cost of tooling.

  • Plastic molds yield low quantity and low-quality parts

Many manufacturers believe that using plastic molds for injection molding produces low-quality parts and in low quantities. That is because they assumed that plastic molds are only suitable for low volume production. The good news is you can produce thousands of high-quality parts with these molds too before it runs out of their lifespan.

  • The mold can easily get damaged

Not all plastics are flimsy, like a sandwich wrapper or piece of furniture. There are quality plastic materials that can be used as molds too. These materials have high density and can withstand thousands of cycles without any damage or signs of breakdown.

  • Plastic injection molding is not applicable in prototyping

Aside from the myths and false truths we have mentioned above about plastic injection molding, there is another one that we beg to differ: plastic injection molding is not applicable in prototyping. Many manufacturers do not consider this process for prototyping parts because of this myth.

plastic injection molding parts

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Some of the reasons enumerated include being too time-consuming and too expensive. This notion comes from those who do not fully understand the process. The truth is, injection molding can be a cost-effective means of prototyping if you know how to do it properly.

It can cut down the production time and speed up the rate between product conceptualization and being in the market. Imagine how it can help you outrank your competition if you can streamline the process and have a quick turnaround.


Now that you are aware of the common myths about plastic injection molding, you now know better. Plastic injection molding can be an effective manufacturing process for your parts requirement because it is cost-effective and efficient.