No matter at what end of the spectrum you are with the rapid prototyping industry if you are an entrepreneur or a workshop owner you need to know some basic terms that can help you understand the mechanics behind the work that is being done to get a product done. Knowledge in this field is essential on both sides, so no matter where you stand, please make sure to read the list twice if you are about to hunt down a manufacturer. If you are a service provider, make sure to understand each one of these terms as you sit down with potentials clients so you can show them that you have a pretty good idea about the technical aspects of your craft.

rapid prototyping

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· Aspect Ratio

It is known as the space occupied by the full extension of the average wall on a mold

· Assembly Line

Is how it’s called the procedure to join parts on a product following diverse methods

· Clamps

This is the name of one of the parts on an injection molding machine that includes the platens that allow the creation of the necessary force needed to hold the casting mold closed as the molten plastic is poured on it. The part is also tasked with opening back the mold after the finished product is done.

· Ejector Rod

A little bar located within the clamp that executes the injection of a finished piece after being cast using the mold

· Elasticity

It’s the quality that possesses any material to get back the original shape is meant to have after removing the excesses that cause any sort of deformation.

· Injection Molding

It’s a manufacturing method that is often used to create specific objects out of granulated plastic resins. It works by pouring the material into devices that have heating chambers that can process the plastics into liquid forms. They later pressed inside a metal mold to create a shape that is released after it hardens back.

· Inserts

An additional procedure for Injection Molding that is meant to complement the part by adding other features such as water resistance, wear resistance, heat transfer or cold resistance.

· Mold Frame

These are additional metal plates containing extra components of the main casting mold. It’s often used to place other cavities the main mold might need, as well as additional cores or cooling and ejection systems.

· Prototype Tool

A preview mold created before the final rapid prototyping is created. This old is often recreated a few times to test each one of the features the final prototype should have.

· Synthetic Resins

This is how plastics in granular form are presented in their raw estate to be worked on by 3D printing devices or plastic molding machines.

· Scraps

A finished product that is labeled unusable due to quality issues that occurred during the manufacturing process

· Shot

The name used to address a production cycle in molding injection manufacturing. A derivative is known as “One-shot” is used to address the first try to create a product using rapid prototyping techniques.

· Voids

It’s how are called the empty spaces that are left in solid constructs after using injection molding procedures.