Rapid tooling has become widely used because of its precision and time-saving feature. Unlike the other types of the manufacturing process that have complicated pathways that do not guarantee quality and resource-saving, this method has proven to be economical and product quality is also satisfactory. many people would want to know if their product demands can be achieved through this method of manufacturing products or not. Here are some of the materials that can be worked on.

rapid tooling services

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Nylon GF’s

This is a thermoplastic material and it is known to be resistant to abrasion. It is commonly used in the making of thermos flask internal walls because it regulates heat and cold well making the content inside remain as required. It is one of the widely raw materials, especially in kitchen products and utensils. It is also used in the making of building materials for the construction processes.


When it comes to this material, it is normally important in injection molding. Due to its resistance to chemical reactions, it is commonly used to make conduits for chemical transfers. These include oil carrying containers or pipes, gas carrying materials or pipes as well as chemical transporting projects. It is one of the most inert materials that can be used for the safe transportation of chemicals from one point to another.


This is like Nylon GF’s because it contains thermoplastic properties except for the fact that this one has fiberglass. It is normally used to make car screens. Glass made from this kind of material doesn’t easily break because it contains fiber that has stretchability. It is used to make the best fiberglass on the market. With its low-density nature, it can be used in cars without adding any weight. Even in mobile phones, it is also used.

PA6 and PA12

PA6 is one of the excellent types of plastics because it contains toughness and excellent surface finishes. It is normally used to apply top surface finishing like the surface of a car’s dashboard and the surface of electronics like laptop covers and mobile phones. PA12 has low absorption of moisture and flexibility so it is used in areas where low absorption of moisture is needed.

Other materials used include the POM which is highly resistant to high temperatures and is known to be resistant to chemicals. It is used to make car plastic parts so that they overcome heating temperatures. LDPE is also used and it is known to be robust and yet it has very lightweight. Every material has its use and sometimes they can be combined to ensure they have excellent properties that will fulfill the product needs of the client.


Rapid tooling has a wide variety of raw materials to be used. It requires knowledge and creativity to know the kind of raw materials to use so that you get the product that you want. This is the best way to ensure there are no quality issues in the products that have been manufactured.