When you are an entry level developer looking to create your first product that first thing you’ll notice is just how expensive injection molding can be when done correctly. If you are working with an integrated company, the cost of the budget will seem increased mainly because you have chosen a manufacturer that can handle design. You will probably ask yourself is the price is worth it. Do you really need to secure the functionality of the product with a prototype mold? Do you really need that CAD model? That 3D printed model is essential? These questions will hammer your brain to no end.

Let’s clear the air for you on those questions with a single answer: if you don’t follow a structured manufacturing plan to perfection, you will spend even more money to fix any problems that come from rushing the project. The benefits of handling the full manufacturing costs as presented are easy to list:

·       You Will Have a Quality Product Delivered

Casting out that prototype mold will give you the chance to find any flaws o your original design, and you will be able to work them out before rushing the part into production. With a prototype on hand, you will be able to make a full run of tests to get better results and reduce the amount of time wasted on troubleshooting. You will even be able to choose the right material to create the finished part.

·       You Will Save Money on the Manufacturing Process

As you create your prototype mold, you will have the chance to have a whole outlook at the project and rethink your manufacturing strategy with new resins that are tested in durability at lesser costs. No stage of the process will be rushed without your express confirmation and final approval of the tests.

·       You Can Improve your Marketing Strategy

After the test runs are finished on your product, you don’t need to wait for the production cycle and shipping to be done for before starting to offer your product to the right people. With your functional prototype on hand, you can begin to the marketing strategy by offering your product to whoever is your targeted customer base following the approach that you think better suits your product.

·       Expand your Business by Attracting New Investors

Nothing makes a good impression like a functioning product at early development stages. If you can perform demonstrations or open tests of some sort, you are very likely to attract more investors to drop money on your efforts. You can either increase your production run or expand your offering in other outlets to cover more ground. Always remember that the open market rewards those who take risks.

·       You will be Able to Handle Low Production Volumes

If you are a new entrepreneur and still lack the field experience to reach big-name investors, you can always try out your luck on your own as long as you have the necessary budget for it. A small production run is not a bad way to start. Most manufacturers can create your prototype mold and keep the plans in reserve as the demand for your product increases. That way you won’t spend a single dime in development if you