If you are among those who are looking for machining and tooling prototyping services then the rapid prototyping china services seem to be a better option. The company holds experience of around one decade and it has precisely served many of the top rated companies. The company offers a product to their clients an approved product thus the prototyping method let the designer alter the design of the product.

First class services

Pressure die casting – it is a cost-effective, reliable and quick manufacturing process. Basically, pressure die casting procedure gets characterized via forcing molten at elevated pressure into cavity comprising of hardened tool steel and two machined dies. The molten metal’s gets solidify quickly so as to form net shaped material. It then automatically gets extracted. Most casting gets made using non-ferrous metals like magnesium, lead, aluminum, zinc, copper and tin-based alloy.

The company offers high quality die casting product including copper to die to cast, aluminum dies casting, zinc dies casting, copper dies casting, etc. They have extensive experience of over 10 years in the manufacturing industry that allow them to offer the best casting solutions which are all easy to customize as per their requirement. They have the capability to perform a cost-effective process including small batches thus providing the next step to the client project. 50-1000 pieces are the suggested pressure die casting quantity offered by them.

Aluminum extrusion – it is a technique that is used to convert aluminum alloy into definitive cross-sectional objects for a broad range of applications. The process of aluminum extrusion makes use of a most unique combination of characteristics of aluminum. The malleability of the aluminum allows easy casting and machinability and 1/3 of aluminum density along with stiffness result in offering stable and strength with other metals. The aluminum extrusion procedure involves two following steps –

After creating and designing of the die shape, a billet of aluminum cylinder gets hated at 800-925F.

The aluminum billet then gets transferred to loaders, in which a lubricant gets added to the process so as to prevent it from sticking to the machine, the handle. Substantial pressure then gets applied to block using a handle which can push billet keen on container thus forcing it from side to side dies. To avoid nitrogen and oxide formation in gaseous and liquids form, it is allowed to go through the die section. An inert atmosphere gets created which increased die life.

The extruded part then passed onto the run-out bench of similar shapes when die opens. Then it is pulled long to a cooling table where fans cool it down and create an aluminum extrusion.

CNC machining – the company offers custom machining services such as CNC turning or CNC milling. The company also offers far and a wide spectrum of machining services. They are popular and it makes it possible to develop accurate cuts and shapes of material with features.

Benefits of machining – The services make manufacturing of the prototype parts of aluminum such as PMMA, PTFE, PC, PEI, PON-H, PA GF, PBT GF, PET GF, PET, carbon fiber.

Now, you can exploit the services of your choice as per your need or purpose.