Just in the same way as scalpels are the precision tools of choice for surgeons, chamfer mills, cutters and router bits are the tools of choice for anyone in the CNC machining trade. They make possible the crafting and creation of parts using CNC machines. While most of the design process is handled using custom-made software by engineers or designers, these tools are the ones that will deliver the finished product, and as such, we need to understand what they are and how they can handle the job each one of them does. Here we are about to give you the full rundown on each one of these tools so you can have a pretty good idea on how they handle their tasks:

What is a Chamfer Mill and What does it Do?

A Chamfer mill is a tool that can handle edge treatments on finished products, either to make them aesthetically appealing or to fulfill specific features related to design on them. They can be used to create radiused edges, arc profiles, flat and angled edges, and bevels on whole edges with no vertical leverage. The primary purpose of chamfer mills is to avoid the presence of sharped edges on any part that doesn’t require them. They are also a way to prevent the use of deburring or filleting. These methods are more expensive means of achieving the same goal with complex tooling, but they can also affect the finished part with an uneven distribution of stress that will make it weaker.

What are the Cutting Tools used for CNC Machines and How do they Work?

They are also commonly known as blades, and they are the ones tasked with shaping up the raw material being feed on CNC machines. The most well-known types are the end mills, these come presented as HSS or carbide options with many endless variations and settings to work on every kind of material out there. Each one of these parts is presented in different sizes, shanks, coatings, and even hardness. You can also work with custom drills to punch holes or handle lathe work such as jabbering or screwing machinery. They also have some special presentations that can be used depending on each task. Finally, we have the taps which are best suited to cut threads on pre-existing holes.

What are Router Bits and How do they Work?

Router bits are mostly used to handle carving using CNC machines, these tools are used by many technicians to get better-finished products, but they are much more popular with crafters and artists that use CNC machining to create their custom art pieces. Since they are supposed to work with higher precision levels than the other tools already mentioned, router bits are designed with sharper cutting edges that can move with ease through the raw materials fed on the CNC tables. Their measurements are available in single diameters or inches for the genuinely specialized enthusiast or crafter looking to get clean finishes on their work.