Ever since prototyping machining was introduced, the manufacturing landscape has changed for the better. The modern machining technique has made everything effective and efficient; CNC prototyping is now being used in virtually all industrial sectors that to the ever-changing and evolving trends in technology.

Ever since CNC prototyping machining was introduced, there have been a lot of changes as manufacturers look to cater to the ever-changing needs and specifications of their clients. For large-scale manufacturers, they have adopted prototyping machining owing to its affordability and efficiency which reduces the overall production cost allowing clients to enjoy huge economies of scale.

As good as it sounds, there are some areas that need to be worked on some improvements. Well, in this article we’re going to highlight some factors that you need to pay keen attention to when using prototyping machining.


Every design and engineering firm use plenty of materials when it comes to their production process creating different end-products. In most cases, CNC prototyping is a subtractive process, which in lay man’s terms means that extra materials are removed till the formation of the final product.

This is quite different compared to 3D printing which adds layer after layer till a product is formed. When it comes to prototype creation, one of the most widely used materials is plastic resins which are compatible with at least 90% of all production processes and techniques

The usage of plastic resin allows engineers and designers to test the viability and functionality of every product as well as point out every design flaw and defect which can be fixed before the rolling out of large-scale production.

CNC machining high precision

CNC machining high precision, *picture from forcebeyond.com

Prices and cost

The CNC prototype machining is always carried out on small scale, but don’t be fooled it can be quite expensive. The whole manufacturing process requires skilled and technical personnel as well as have significant funds for your project to be a success.

In comparison to 3D printing, the two production techniques are so much different as 3D printing service is quite cheap and affordable. But, for those with financial capabilities, then CNC prototyping machining should be your go-to technique when looking to create part, products, and prototypes.

The capacity and magnitude of your project

As the project lead or supervisor, you need to be inquisitive and ask a lot of questions with regards to your project. You should be able to ask all the questions pertaining to your project till you are fully satisfied.

One of the main concerns that should be addressed is the machines to be used and techniques that will be applied to your production. If the main objective is mass-production, then your designers and engineers must produce a working prototype that is the same as the original design.

Creating a prototype that mimics the original design will enable you to test the viability and functionality, hence saving you a lot of time and money allowing you to enjoy huge economies of scale.