The APT Mold Manufacturing is considered a well-known prototyping service provider in China, offering a comprehensive collection of rapid prototypes and some of the additive manufacturing services. It also provides solutions ranging from wide variety projects in varied industries. Our prototyping services do offer effective services to meet custom CNC machining, additive manufacturing needs, rapid prototype and bringing client product through the production of all ways.

The strategic destination in china’s develop hub that gives a competitive benefit for the requirement of rapid prototype services such as vacuum casting, CNC machining, plastic injection molding, finishing and sheet metal forming. You can hire the prototyping firm so as to meet all your requirements and needs. By hiring prototype services you will be able to utilize facilities and bring product completely as per your need. The advanced technology allows you to fabricate materials or product quickly thus it is highly useful and many of the world-class industries use it.

It also enables the designer to determine mistakes and flaws in the current design through the support of carrying of traditional visual visualization.

What does the major services company offer?

CNC Machining: The prototype service provides a large spectrum of machining services out of which CNC milling / CNC turning is popular. The services make the production of accurate and precise shapes, as well as cutting of materials containing features which would be impossible, are operated by a human machinist. The CNC machining makes the production of prototypes and development of material parts like ABS, PC, PTFE, PEI, PET GF, PA GF, PET, POM-HM PA, PP, PMMA, carbon fiber, etc. Large operation records of around 800×1200 are allowed to develop and running of it is also possible. The machine optimizes machining carefully for minimizing waste, maximizing profit and minimal material loss.

Additive manufacturing: It is also known as 3D printing used to build work pieces bit by bit. APT very well understand technology and apply it to project for getting an optimal result. It is considered the finest approach when comes to create physical part- along with features that are impossible to develop using conventional methods. It even offers huge benefits in material science. The additive manufacturing provides viable fabrication ranges when one has low part quantities. The company believes in offering best solutions either in subtractive or additive manufacturing and conventional approaches with masterful technologies.

Plastic injection molding: It allows development of prototype injected molds into production thermoplastic resins within 2-5 weeks. These parts are highly useful for fit testing, test marketing as well as fully functioning. To be successful with production stages of plastic parts, there are some factors which should be taken into considerations.

Tool designing: In the injection molding process, tool designing is the first step. The intricacies and part size within parts give the leading time that needs to be low. The problem gets solved by breaking of intricate arts and assembling it.

Part material: Making use of readily available material to get a better result from major distributor or retailer should be one’s motive.

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