Our definition of multifunctional tools is pretty simple: it’s tooling capable of achieving more than a single function. It can help you save time, money and the annoying process of changing a tool to complete a task. In the field of CNC machining services, the tools capable of multitasking are some of the most coveted and demanded among technicians. Sadly they are also some of the most difficult to customize and program, but once you get a hold on them, it will be hard to let go given their functionality.

milling tools

Countersink Drill Bits, image from toolguyd.com

The following is a brief list of some of the most sought-after tooling combinations in the CNC machining field:

Milling Thread Mills

These mills are one of the most requested modifications since they are the best way to handle plunging and interloping superficial holes that need to be milled to a thread on them. These endmills come presented showing the bottom end with no flutes added on them. They can handle helical cuts, and they will save technicians the time for using two tools to get the job done.

Milling Countersinks

This one is a bit of an upgrade from the previous part. It’s the combination of an endmill with a countersink. Their main functionality resides in its time-saving features. If you choose to chamfer the tool with a countersink positioning, you will get the best performance out of this tool. This mill can also be used with other combined tools to get even better results such as V-bit engraver or a spot drill.

Drill Countersinks

This one is a basic combination of drill and a countersink that becomes the ideal tool for center drill and lathe tasks. It can be found in quite a number of diverse sizes, and it’s mostly used to punch single through-holes on clean surfaces. Countersink drill can also manage basic jobs such as regular twist drills, especially those that need controlled depths.


This tool is a pretty simple combination of a drill and a reamer. They are easily identifiable because the main twist drill is undersized and the reamer is full of spiraled flutes. It’s better used to punch single holes in soft materials, and they hardly create any chipping. You certainly need to check for the density on this one since multiple types are designed to handle all the surfaces available.

Drilling Tap

A tool specially crafted to handle elements that go within the punched holes such as ram plugs or any other type of part. While useful, they come presented in multiple shape and forms, so you need to make sure of which one you need precisely to avoid ruining a job. As the previous tooling, they also come presented in the most diverse density settings to work on very specific surfaces.

As you can probably gather by now these combined tools are a way to save time and money, but they need to be worked with precision. In CNC machining there is room for improvement, but picking the wrong milling tool could prove fatal for the task you need to perform. Be sure to work with the engineer or designer to get what you need.