In a company or business, there are always the designers who make the new products and give some new ideas for the growth. But before this, they have to ready their design or a prototype that can help them to present their ideas to the investors and users, and their team. And this concept is called rapid prototyping. With this, they can test, and get feedback from the users quickly based. There are some of the use cases given of the rapid prototyping which clear the use of it.

3D printed rapid prototypes

3D printed rapid prototypes, *picture from

Rapid Prototyping Use Cases

In a company or a business, there is always a designer who needs the tools by which they can do testing, get feedback and make changes rapidly. That’s why for them the rapid prototyping is the best tool that helps them to get responses on a quick basis from their investors and users. Here are some use cases that are given which are very helpful for them. These are:

  • They can test new features

With the help of rapid prototyping, the designers can check the new features or changes that they make in their existing design. Because when they use it, they will get feedback directly, and according to need they can make changes in their design. With the help of this, they can find what are weak points and where they need to work more.

  • Easy to check their new ideas

Rapid prototyping is used to check for the ideas that the designer makes in their design. The designer makes changes according to the user’s needs and for checking that he or she fulfill them they use this tool and get a better result. And before applying any of the ideas in the design they can check them with the rapid prototyping and see that all requirements are fulfilled or not and they can save their time as well.

  • Get investors to feedback fast

When a designer makes any design for their company then their investor’s feedback is most important for them. because they invest money in it, so with rapid prototyping they can present it in front of an investor or your team and get their feedback with ease.

  • Make sure the product is fit for market

The designer has to face many stages while creating any new design for any product or scheme. They have to check that their design is according to the user’s needs or not. The design fulfills all basic requirements and it can be fir for the market according to new requirements. All these things the designer has to consider while designing. And rapid prototyping plays a vital role in it. Along with it, the growth opportunities will be increased or not.

  • Validate for market

This is the best tool to check for validation for the market. With this, users can use it and also give their feedback instantly. They can tell that what are the more needs and how they can be fulfilled. With this feedback, the designer can take an idea and make changes accordingly.