Rapid tooling is the process through which any solid materials’ shape can be changed. Be it brass, steel, aluminum, or plastic. This is one of the best techniques that are used. In addition, compared to the rapid tooling process there is no other technique that is more helpful than the rapid tooling method. For different materials including plastic, some of the best methods for rapid tooling that is used are the casting operation method, injection molds, and sheet metal stamping. For all of these above-mentioned processes, there is a combination that is used and that is known as rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is done with the aid of good tooling procedures like injection molds etc. mentioned above. 

Affordable Costs

Now, let’s look at one of the best parts of all of these manufacturers in rapid tooling, and that is the designs that are done with the help of CAD i.e. computer-aided designs. Some of the best facts that you will know about the rapid tooling process are that it is done at an affordable cost and takes less time. Some types of moldings and designs that are done or made even with the help of CAD take time as the process of casting operations. Different types of molding are done and for each molding; there is a different method or process that is used in the rapid tooling method. Let us look at the two ways of molding – 

  • One of the methods is the injection method, which is easy and the models can be made in a short span of time. 
  • Second of the method is the sheet metal stamping procedure or method, which is another easy procedure of molding. 

services rapid tooling facilities

services rapid tooling facilities, *picture from www.ineo.es

Different Types of Models and Objects 

One of the best things about the injection method of rapid tooling is that you can create many different types of models, and objects with the help of injection rapid tooling. And this is one of their biggest benefits that you can ever get from rapid tooling. There are two ways in which molding can be done in rapid tooling – direct and indirect. If you still do not understand about rapid tooling method or the injection method through which rapid tooling is done then let me give you some examples of rapid tooling. For instance, the plastic flowerpots, plastic flower vase, etc. are some of the examples of rapid tooling method.  

Pre-programmed Commands

Through rapid tooling process even the complicated plastic parts are made. Some of the instances of the same are plastic folders, which is again created through the process of rapid tooling. One of the things that many people will question is about how the machine works. Well the answer is that in rapid tooling the machine is already pre-programmed. And, all the commands in the rapid tooling is given through the machine. So, once the command is set, it will go through that way. For instance, in a washing machine, every thing is set, you just need to give some commands for it to work and that’s how rapid tooling is. Metals and plastic both are used in rapid tooling method.