When you first hear about prototype mold, its specific purpose and role is the creation of rapidly producing parts and prototypes from small to medium volumes of plastic parts. We have full confidence when we say that it’s a convenient technique of producing samples, prototypes, and small series rapidly cheaply, and affordably.

To create the best prototype mold, you must be at the top of your game. As a manufacturer or workshop, you’ll need a professional team, various workshops use different techniques to get the job done.

Prototype molds can be a single part, two, or even more, so you’ll decide which shape and complexity your object will take. For most clients, they always look for a highly established and popular professional prototype mold maker who will adhere to all the specification within the set-out budget.

3d printed prototype molds

3d printed prototype molds, *picture from additivemanufacturing

Top qualities to be a professional prototype mold maker

In-House designers and engineers: You should keep in mind that top prototype mold makes should have their in-house engineers and designers. You should work with a prototype mold company that has the capability to work with your specifications and components that you may need. A professional team will always come in handy by advising you on the appropriate techniques that you can use for your prototype mold making; this will significantly reduce the risks and mistakes associated with production thus reducing the downtime.

Diverse manufacturing process: As a workshop or prototyping firm, you should have an array of different prototyping techniques that will accommodate the client’s specifications and needs. As a workshop, you should be able to provide custom injection molding and at the same time be able structural foam parts as well as thermoset plastics.

24/7 Serviceability: As a prototype mold firm, you should be in a position to be available 24/7 to meet urgent orders or clients’ needs. Having a prototype mold team that can meet all your requirements is a major plus as it will be a testament to your reliability and dependability.

Excellent customer service: As a mold manufacturer, you should always ensure that you have an excellent customer service department that will be able to respond to all of your phone calls promptly and quickly as well as answer all your queries. All your employees should courteous and personable when it comes to the handling of all the clients. This is one of the most essential features of any successful prototype mold firm or workshop.

Multiple conveniences: In every industrial or manufacturing set-up, accidents are bound to happen. If it arises, your capable team should always be at hand to deal with every major concern or mishap effectively and efficiently.

A firm without multiple conveniences will face huge financial implications which can be costly in the long run. Your company should have multiple facilities so that you can continue supplying to your clients.