This is fast manufacture of bodily parts and models using the three dimensions CAD and you can make this part with the help of 3D printing and also known as the additive coating of industrialized technology. It is the process of creating prototypes of the designs of the various products very quickly. This is the primary version of the products designed by the engineers and it is applied to check the technology and to check the working standard. It is the process of overall development of freshly manufactured goods.

Is this 3D printing is same as prototyping?

No, 3D printing is not the same as Prototyping, only this modern form of product development is usually beside the word 3D printing. This 3D printing comes primarily into the fame for the working fast for creating the prototype of the products. 3D printing is the processing process of the additive built-up whereas the prototyping process is the ending process of the products. 3D printing is used to make the rapid prototyping of the products designed by the engineers and 3D printing is its own process.

3D printing machines

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Methods of prototyping

Diagrams and sketches

Drawing and sketching is the oldest form of prototyping that users can utilize in fewer exertions. It does not need any creative level of sketching talents experience for proving helpful. With the help of sketching, you can make ideas for any kind of product and later convert them into a real image. You can easily get that with the help of only the simplest drawing. With this method of prototyping, you can not only get into your mind but also can discuss it with your teammates for further working on the project.

Broadsheet or paper interfaces

There is no need to be an artist to design the sketch for your output. You can get the perfect ideas of the outcomes with the proper sketching process that will never vanish from your mind. Paper or broadsheet interfaces are created by hand by drawing a sketch of the product you want to design. This can help you to save money and for you do not need the best artistic knowledge. When there are many digital products designed, then you are attracted by them for making prototyping any products.

Physical models

When there are the results of a prototype that is a bodily product that is the closing result of that, then you can also make mocks-ups for checking the product’s materials and designs with the help of a broad variety of resources. With the present technological process, you can get an accurate model of the product with rapid prototyping. You can make the bodily structure of the object using rough resources like clay, foam, paper, and many others.


Storyboards are the best way of giving the guidelines to the users’ knowledge. It is the process or method of prototyping that is derived from the movie industry.

You use various methods to get perfect prototyping for the products and any other invention. You can get easily the prototyping with the help of 3D printing.