After the design and development of a new product is done, the next logical step is to look for a custom injection mold for the presentation of the prototype or plastic molds for your products. Finding a mold manufacturer from China is easy; you only need to type the keywords in the search engine and voila, you will get hundreds if not thousands of companies. Finding a good mold manufacturer, however, is not easy. You need a reliable business to be your partner, or else you will have a good product but not successful.

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Finding a good mold manufacturer from China is hard especially if you don’t know the qualities to look for in one. To ease your worries about ending with a mediocre factory, we have compiled some tips on how to get the best among the hundreds of them.

Tip #1 you must compare their marketed reputation with your interaction

Every mold manufacturer in China claims that they have a good reputation in the industry. Although they might be telling the truth, you should not always believe what they say right away; you need to compare what they advertise with the service you received from interacting with them.

Instead of raking through every testimonials and review to gain an insight into the manufacturer, you should get in touch with the company and check how they do their services. Here is some point of contact that will provide you with clues:

Regarding their customer service, a good mold manufacturer will handle all your inquiries promptly and answers all your question in a polite and informative manner. They will provide you with many channels of communication as your options.

About the technical background of their team, you can see this on how they answer your questions about the project. When you are talking to a skilled professional, they will let you give them all the details first about your custom mold and then layout the information on how they will handle the project. They will not rest until they have answered all your questions. This is better than getting connected to a sale representative who has very little knowledge about mold engineering.

Face to face meeting with your shortlisted mold manufacturer is better because it can relieve some of the uncertainties and unanswered questions, not to mention helping you feel at ease about handing over your project. When you requested a meeting, they should arrive on time, well prepared and answers all your questions and offer help on how to help you get your mold. A site visit is also highly recommended because you must assess the facility to address the issues of capacity, reliability, and quality of the manufacturer.

Tip #2 Compare with other Mold Manufacturers

Just like how you choose goods and services which you think are better for you, settling with the first mold manufacturer from China you have encountered is not a wise move. Although you think you might have found the best based on your criteria, it is still highly recommended to compare this company with at least five others. Even if this company has the best offer, you need to see the difference because all of them have varying strengths and offers. Send RFQs to at least three manufacturers to help you understand their differences in their quotes, how they handle inquiries and provide customer service.

When you are interacting with different engineers, you can also gain insights on the different approaches to your project. You must also ask for references (their past clients) and make sure that you ask the same questions to help you understand how they completed the projects.

Tip #3 Guarantees and experiences

You must look for a mold manufacturer in China that offers a warranty on their product quality and has been in the industry for a more extended period than the rest. Although not all novice manufacturers are not good, it pays to work with a seasoned manufacturer and engineers that have been in the market for more than a decade. They will understand what your project is all about far quicker than the rest. They will also present a streamlined process that will be favorable to you.

By offering a warranty on their products, you will have the assurance that your molds will be of high quality and will be delivered on schedule without delays. In case the deliveries are not up to the standards set, you can demand a refund or replacements. With such arrangements, you can safeguard the welfare of your company.

Searching for a mold manufacturer in China in Google may yield many companies, but the best way to choose the manufacturer is to send inquiries to more than three companies. This way you will get to have an in-depth look at the companies cost and services, their professionalism, quality, and reliability. With your interactions with them, you can have an educated choice for a mold manufacturer in China in no time.