3D Printing is the most advanced technology that allows you to create any physical object from the digital models. The first printing service was started in 80s with the brand name “Rapid Prototyping” because this was the only purpose of this innovative technology, i.e. to prototype quickly and at affordable rates. But, things have changed immensely in the past few years. Today, 3D Printing Service offers some great outcomes and enables you to anything that you can imagine.

3D printed products

3D printed products, *picture from sightunseen.com

How 3D Printing Service is Offered?

3D Printing is also referred as additive manufacturing because it doesn’t eliminate the materials; instead it adds the materials layer after layer, unlike the conventional subtractive manufacturing where materials are removed. In a bid to print designs, the printing companies first design a 3D model of object that you need using the 3D modelling program or 3D scanner that scans the object that you need to print. After the design is created, it needs to be imported to the open source print software. The software runs the design in g-code file which is ready for printing the physical objects.

Today, there a variety of 3D Printing technologies available and most of the technologies usually create objects by laying the successive thin layers of materials on objects. The desktop 3D Printing Service makes use of plastic filaments which are fed into the printer by feeder. The filament is melted in print head and then it extrudes materials into the plate create the object with layer after layer.

Why the 3D Printing Service is Used?

The possibilities with 3D Printing Service are endless and today such services are becoming common in fields like manufacturing, product design, engineering, architecture and more. Below are some typical uses of 3D printing.

  • Custom Models – It allows you to create some customized products which can be modified as per your needs in terms of shapes and sizes. It helps you to create something which is not possible with other types of technologies out there.
  • Quick Prototyping – With 3D Printing Service one can quickly create a prototype and model. This helps the engineers, companies and designers to iterative responses on the designs in shorter timeframe.
  • Complex Geometry – The objects are unimaginable and can’t be created with other technologies can be created easily with 3D printer easily. 3D Printing is becoming a common source to educate others about the challenging geometry in an intuitive way.

Why 3D Printing Service is Commonly Used Today?

There are many good reasons why 3D Printing Service is commonly used today. There is a zero cost complexity and no tooling required for the services. The cost of the 3D Printing is lower as compared to the other technology and materials. The time and the materials that are used in the technology are wasted in very less quantity as compared to other methods. This makes it the top choice for the most of the manufacturer and designers. Moreover, the overall cost of labour and workforce can be reduced with such technology.