CNC Machining

Rapid CNC Machining

For prototype quantities of custom metal and plastic parts, CNC Machining is often the best process, short of tooling, to match proposed production-part properties. We take your 3D CAD model and create precision CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining paths that guide our equipment to follow every contour and hole. The result is a precisely replicated part, exactly matching your original design.

When should I consider Rapid CNC Machined prototype parts?

You should choose Rapid CNC whenever you require parts in the exact material you plan on using in production. Other rapid prototype processes can often simulate the final material, but we know there are times when substitution is just not an option.

Can you also provide machined parts in production quantities?

Yes, we can! APT can help you reduce product costs and increase your competitive edge by utilizing our automated CNC machining capabilities. We are committed to provide you with the best machined products and services at the most competitive prices.

APT’s capabilities include CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and High-Precision CNC Machining.


The type of rigid materials available when using the CNC Machining process are virtually unlimited. We can source whatever materials your design requires. Some of the most common materials we utilize are:

Plastics: ABS, Polypropylene, PMMA ( like Plexiglas® acrylic), PC (polycarbonate, Lexan®), Nylon, POM (Delrin® acetal), and more. Check out the prototyping properties of plastics. Contact us about other possibilities.

Metals: Aluminum, Low-Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and more. Check out the prototyping properties of metal. Contact us about other possibilities.

Aluminum Part Machining

Aluminum Part Machining

PMMA Part Machining

PMMA Part Machining

Sample Our Work

At  APT Mold, we have experience making highly cosmetic parts (exterior housings, lenses, etc.) as well as less visible mechanical parts (chassis, brackets, gears, etc.). We service markets ranging from industrial to home appliance, from automotive to consumer products, and from medical to scientific.

Please review the following portfolio of parts and products to see the breadth and quality of our work.

Aluminum CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part
Material:  Aluminum
Finish: Machining finish
Dimension(mm): 160x72x26

Stainless steel CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part
Material: Stainless steel
Finish: Machining finish
Dimension(mm): 81x81x17

Copper CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part
Material: Copper
Finish: Machining finish
Dimension(mm): 21.5×21.5×102

POM CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part
Material: POM
Finish: Smooth
Dimension(mm): 41x41x20

PMMA CNC Machining Part

CNC Machining Part
Material: Translucent PMMA
Finish: Glossy
Dimension(mm): 84x68x30

Technical Support

The support from APT team will help you shorten the lead time and cost saving in new product development. We will support your project design for manufacturing.

Innovative Ideas

We have innovative ideas based on design. Our manufacturing experience will help you trouble shooting and turn your idea into reality, get things done.

Advanced Technology

Our rapid prototyping technology in Computer Aided Design(CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM) also with experienced technician will make the parts in high quality.


Fast Response

We keep a close eyes on your every project, you will usually receive our quotation and get a reply for project within 24 hours.

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