Creative Product Design Services

Need world-class industrial design and product development services? Our US-based industrial design partner, Carter Design, Inc., offers award-winning creative services to provide you a competitive edge with outstanding user-centric ergonomics and cutting-edge aesthetics. Our team prides itself on best-in-class part design and detailing as well as superb usability and appearance—where good design also means providing multiple ways to reduce product costs via intelligent part design and consolidation. Visit Carter Design’s website here for complete information.

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DFM Services (Design For Manufacturability)

Our goal is to become an integral member of your product development team, where you can leverage our decades of experience to streamline the new product development cycle. With our DFM input early on, we can help you avoid dead-end development paths, streamlining the process and reducing time to market.

As an example, we can review early injection-molded part designs from your team and then provide valuable input on potential problems such as areas that may be hard to fill, areas that are too thick and may have cosmetic sinks, surfaces that require more draft, etc. We can also offer alternative details to simplify the design and reduce tooling cost, as well as make suggestions to eliminate possible cosmetic issues such as gate blush, weld lines, and warpage. Even complex designs that include elastomer soft-touch overmolding can be improved with our input to improve flow and adhesion.

So, whether you utilize Carter Design’s skills or keep the development in-house, the APT Mold team is here to help you get into production in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible. We look forward to working with you soon!

Weld Line Analysis

Sink Mark Analysis

Technical Support

Why Support? The support from APT team will help you shorten the lead time. And cost saving in new product development. We will support your project design for manufacturing.

Innovative Ideas

We have innovative ideas based on design and manufacturing experience will help you trouble shooting and turn your idea into reality and get things done.

Advanced Technology

Our rapid prototyping, Technology in Computer, Aided Design and Computer, Aided Manufacture also with experienced technician will make the parts in high quality for you.

Fast Response

We keep a close eyes on your every project, You will usually receive our quotation and get a reply for project within 24 hours.

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