CNC machining that stands for “computer numerical control” refers to the use of software to manipulate the movement of tools and machines. If you are using it for manufacturing purposes in business or for building things as a part of the hobby, you need to look at the following things to know about this tool better.

Types of CNC machines

The various types of CNC devices are custom made for different operation. They are of the following 5 categories-

  • CNC Milling machine

It is one of the most popular machines that are operated with CNC technology. The process is similar to that of drilling and cutting, that uses a rotational cylindrical cutting tool for its operation.

  • Lathe machines

This machine is generally used to shape and drill pieces of metal, cut threads, bore openings, etc. It works by removing the external layer of a metal in the form of chips with the help of a tool.

A CNC turning, on the other hand, is a type of lathe that can perform numerous milling and drilling operations and come as a useful material for both manufacturing and other purposes.

  • Router machine

One of the most common CNC tools, router machine is used without the help of human interface and can be operated exclusively from computers. It is specially created for cutting hard materials that include wood, plastic, sheet metal, and foams.

  • CNC plasma cutter

This machine is a type of CNC machining that one can use for cutting materials like sheet metal, metal plates, bots, pipes, etc. It integrates the power of electricity with gases like industrial air or nitrogen, argon, oxygen, etc. that comes at a high force through a constricted opening. This force is ultimately utilized to cut a heavy metal.

  • CNC laser cutter

A CNC laser cutter is quite similar to that of a plasma cutter. It just uses a high force laser in place of plasma.

So, let’s check the benefits of using CNC machines that can simplify your manufacturing process in so many ways.


A CNC machines work with a high precision that eliminates human error. It gives an accuracy of about 1000 times that makes it highly usable in large-scale manufacturing units. It also reduces the dependability on labors and saves time.

Lower cost

A CNC machine reduces the cost of a business to many folds due to its characteristics of precision and efficiency that improves a company’s financial status.


A CNC milling along with other machines have a higher efficiency level because of the use of advanced software. Also, you can use these machines to carve metals to any size, shapes, and texture.

To sum up, modern computer controlled machines has come as a boon to the engineers and manufacturers. Using this machinery, a lot of new arenas on innovation are opening up beside catering for engineering industries.

However, you have to choose the right CNC machining technology that would suit your business type. For this, you have to educate yourself about the functionality of this machinery that would help it in your endeavor.