Setting up a prototype machine in your workshop is a significant investment. Aside from the machines, you also need to hire operators with the right skills and knowledge to run this machine.

Prototyping is a costly project, and if you are just a startup and require prototypes in small quantities, you can outsource the services. There are many reliable machining companies that you can find to create your prototype. But to select the one that is the best fit for you can be challenging.

Here is a quick guide on how you can choose the right company that best serves your prototype machining services requirements.

Check the specialization of the prototype machining company

Large machining services firms can have different kinds of machining services, but not all machining businesses can have it all under one roof. Aside from that, their teams can have varying expertise and skills.

If you talk to a machining company and they can explain to you what they can and cannot do, you can trust them. You can choose this company if they have the service you are looking for.

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Ask about the machining and shipping cost

Your project entails cost, and you should consider it as a factor in choosing the prototype machining services shop. In addition, if you are outsourcing the services, you have to factor in the shipping costs to your decision. Choose a company that provides the best for your budget. Remember, prototyping is only the beginning of your product’s journey. You have to be within budget.

Lead time and shipping

The best prototypes take time to make, but a prototype machining services company should be able to make them within a reasonable timeframe. The quantity and your material choice will impact the machining time for your prototype. Deal with a company that provides a clear picture of the lead time, including the delivery dates.


Another significant aspect when choosing a prototype machining service is its location. Check how close it is to where you are. Having a service provider that is accessible can reduce logistics costs and makes it easy to communicate with the team precisely and quickly.

The internet allows smooth communication, allowing companies to choose service providers from other parts of the globe. However, consider a machine shop that you are comfortable working with in terms of shipping, taxes, and other legal issues.

Additional Services

The last criteria for choosing the right prototype machining services provider are its additional services. Check if it offers extra services other than the basics. It will help you save time and money should you need them, instead of going to different vendors for every service you need.

It should offer additional services like metal fabrication, reverse engineering, and scale model prototyping. All these services complement the project that could help you solve any manufacturing issue that may come your way.


An ideal prototype machining services company should help save your efforts, time, and money aside from giving you practical manufacturing solutions. Keep the above points in mind when choosing the right provider for your requirements.