Rapid tooling is the process of designing prototypes before the actual manufacturing of a product. It serves as a sketch to ensure all the design is perfect before resources are mobilized to produce the intended product. The use of 3D sketches in computers is common in this type of production and the QC team is normally keen to ensure there are no mistakes. Rapid and prototype tooling is common because people want to ensure there are no errors in the produced products. Here are some of the advantages of the rapid tooling mechanism.


The term rapid tooling indicates that the process is quick and involves a very small time. With this method, people want to produce a large number of items within a short time and without compromising the quality of the products. For this reason, many people normally for it to have their products made within a short time. The drawback is that it may not work well for large parts or products that require a lot of quality control. Always make sure you have the best kind of material in place because even with proper design if you don’t have the proper raw materials, the quality of the end product would be a mess.

Saves Resources

Every size, every dimension, every quantity, and every aspect is specified from the beginning. This means you cannot make the mistake of using the wrong specification unless there is an error in the machines or there is a change of mind in the design. The trial and error practice is eliminated ensuring that only what is needed is used. As a result, wastes are minimized and producers use the exact amount of resources required. This is the best way to ensure you maximize production with very few available resources.

rapid tooling parts

rapid tooling parts, *picture from ddprototype.com

You Can Change Designs Easily

Compared to the manual production or manufacturing process, this process is the best because you can easily change the design from the computer and have everything rectified with the touch of a button. This means that the changing process would not be tedious as it occurs and only a few adjustments will have to be done. Rapid tooling is very convenient for those who have not determined what is perfect for them. This is because you can play with the designs until you get what you exactly want to be produced on the screen.

Times are changing there is an emphasis on quality in every item produced. Given the fact that some of these works are in automotive, electrical, and roadworks, there is a need for them to be of high quality to prevent accidents and life-threatening accidents.


Rapid tooling is a modern production process that ensures products are made within the shortest possible time. You can have outstanding materials that will be turned into super-quality products. Most of these manufacturing systems use artificial intelligence technology to ensure every part is perfect and within the required quality standards. Most companies have other technologies like CNC machining and laser cutting to ensure excellent quality in every product manufactured.