If you’ve bought a new vehicle in recent parts or exchanged a new one, you might have probably realized that your new ride has a more plastic feel to it than metal. Well, you might be wondering why is this so?

For most of us, we normally think that the reason why plastic injection molding has become more popular amongst automotive manufacturers is that they are affordable and cost-effective which reduces quality. But, that’s not the reason.

This changing trend is not just exclusive to the automotive sector, a lot of manufacturers in different sectors are adopting plastic injection molding are they produce high-quality parts and components in the most effective way.

What might the underlying reason causing this shift, in this article we are going to highlight the major reasons behind this transformation.


Let’s take for example and picture bulletproof vest, these safety tools were designed with durable metals a fact which significantly hampered movement and maneuverability of policemen, it was just the same with firearms and riot control tools.

In the current day and age, most security agencies use protective equipment lined with an impenetrable polymer that can withstand a direct bullet hit without affecting the movement of a person. This principle also applies to a wide variety of products such as TV, kitchen appliances, motor vehicles just to mention a few, they are easy to handle and well as being lighter.

Injection molding products

Injection molding products, *picture from domel.com


The canals used in mot residential houses and commercial spaces are mostly made of metal which rusts and leaks with time. These installations were secure but the piper was exposed to corrosion and rust as a result of being in contact with moisture or water.

The modern apartments and building complexes are lined with PVC which won’t get damaged or degraded in just a few years. Well, the same also applies to a majority of mechanical parts and components which will enhance the lifespan and longevity of your machine.

Enhanced and improved features

The conversion of plastic parts forms plastics has to do with improving the overall features of your device. This starts when you use plastic in production, a lot of polymers used by manufacturers and producers have high dimensional stability and reduce the overall noise.

The proper and precise mixture of compounds makes the polymers less dense and more durable. The risk of electric shocks is also significantly reduced, the devices and parts can also withstand extreme temperatures. Your parts and components will also be protected from environmental and chemical factors.

Another important thing to consider is, the plastics are also quite cheap which reduces the overall cost associated with the production process.

The different types of sectors that have incorporated these production techniques include toy companies that have the ability to produce them in bulk. A lot of kitchen appliances are also created using plastic injection moldings such as plates, refrigerators, glasses, plastics, kitchen utensil, and food containers.

Plastic injection molding has emerged as one of the best and go-to manufacturing technique as it comes with a myriad of benefits compared to the negatives.