The technology to build parts or products has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, more accurately since computer systems were added to the manufacturing process. Right now injection molding, CNC machining, and prototype molds are a rule of thumb for any company that needs to stay competitive in a field that is getting new players every single day willing to offer their services at lower costs than their competitors. Crafting a mechanical part is not an exact science, even with all the improvements made in the tech field. The industry still needs to face many challenges when it comes to manufacturing flaws.

The Problem with Troubleshooting

Although troubleshooting is always a part of any manufacturing process, this stage is still the most time-consuming and stressful. The company needs to run as many tests as it can to notice any performance issues and deal with them as quickly as they can. This is the only part of manufacturing that cannot be scheduled or rushed. If the performance issues are at fault on the design stage that represents a significant problem for the client because of the loss of resources and budget tend to be significantly high. Creating a prototype mold is supposed to take care of these problems. The use of 3D designer tech is meant to offer a lot of insight about a product to make it functional.

The Origin of the Manufacturing Issues

The problem seems to lie in outsourcing. When a project is developed among one too many workshops, a lot of information gets lost when it makes the transition from one company to another. Manufacturers tend to work with the specs they are given, and there are enough companies out there that handle this process with no questions asked: they will take the CAD files out of your hands and work solely based on your design. If the finished product is a failure, who is at fault? That is one tricky question for sure, and while it’s easy to point a finger to the manufacturer and his lack of planning, the truth is more complicated than that.

How to Deal with Performance Issues

Given the current estate of the manufacturing business, where every company needs to outperform their competitors on every aspect, it’s kind of difficult to find an irresponsible handler unwilling to follow a design (unless you are dealing with a third-rate player). Most performance problems of any product come from the original design. This is why working with a company that can cast out your prototype mold is the best course of action. The chances from having any transition issues are reduced to practically zero, and you will get the bonus of having an on-site professional who understand the needs of your project.

A company that can handle design and crafting is likely to have the equipment to handle the whole manufacturing process in a single production cycle. The troubleshooting process will be significantly reduced, and you will save time and money on your project. Try it out! It’s certainly worth a shot.